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Our Most Valuable Patient Is You

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What we treat (Not just your symptoms, but you)

More than half of Americans suffer from chronic or recurring pain, according to an ABC News/USA Today/Stanford University Medical Center survey. And 60% of that pain came from just five places – the back, a knee, a shoulder, a leg, or a headache.

Many more have stiffness and limited range of motion, balance and gait problems.

But even though they may have similar symptoms, they’re all different people. That’s why MVP’s therapists get to know you as a person, so we can tailor your therapy to your way of life, your interests, your reactions to pain, your level of daily physical activity, your schedule – and, most important, your idea of what you want your physical therapy to accomplish.

MVP Therapy can help you relieve that pain, and possibly eliminate its cause, in the way that’s best for you.

We treat all types of injuries, even those not listed here. If your condition is one we don’t treat, we’ll be happy to refer you to someone that does.

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