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Refer Yourself to Physical Therapy

Start sooner, heal faster 

It’s a fact that the sooner you start physical therapy, the faster you heal. You could also save hundreds of dollars – and possibly even avoid the need for surgery, as some of our patients have.

At MVP Therapy, you can start sooner.

That’s because under Virginia law you can refer yourself directly for treatment(1) by a skilled, certified physical therapist like ours over 30 consecutive calendar days.

Without having to wait days, perhaps weeks, to first schedule a doctor appointment, then possibly more time waiting to see a specialist.

And without having to spend money on unnecessary tests. According to a 2012 study, starting PT within two weeks of getting low-back pain can save an average of $2,700 in medical costs(2).

MVP’s certified and licensed clinicians, who’ve earned graduate degrees in physical therapy, can evaluate and successfully treat many conditions without expensive diagnostic testing. They can also recognize “red flags” that signal the need for more invasive medical attention – and alert your physician or healthcare provider immediately.

In addition to managing your 30 consecutive calendar days of treatment, we’ll work closely with the practitioner you specify –  submitting a written initial care and treatment plan within your first three days of treatment, sending full reports to your practitioner and consulting by phone whenever necessary. And if you don’t have a specific physician, we’ll be glad to help you find one.

If you’re suffering from pain, stiffness or limited mobility, a free consultation will show you how you can get on the road to recovery sooner – and make that road a shorter one.


  1. Medicare guidelines, unfortunately, do require a doctor’s prescription. If you’re covered by Medicare, we’ll be happy to explain and ease the process. Just call us at 804-464-2323.

  2. Fritz et al, Spine, 2012